Junior High School Teachers

Junior High School Teachers

Junior High School Students at AIS, Takeo Campus

American Intercon School is committed to fulfilling an educational mission based on the right path through a rich and clear Khmer-American program from 7th to 9th grade in accordance with the program of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports with quality discipline and services. Preparing high school students to become full members of society, school has the following strategies:

  • Meets the needs of students at all levels including physical, mental, emotional, thinking, moral and health needs of students.
  • The school has incorporated additional programs, including experiments, research assignments, workshop study tours and research through a wide range of documents for all levels and specialties in the library and online.
  • Inspire students to participate in competitions/contests and participate in various social/community activities.
  • Students gain clear knowledge in English, Computer Science and Social Sciences to prepare for general education and be competent enough to advance to the skills in higher education.
  • Educate to be good children, good students, good friends and good citizens in accordance with the pillars of education, which are to educate for knowledge, know-how and to live together in harmony.

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