About AIS

  • American Intercon school has a clear and diverse curriculum ranging from pre-kindergarten to high school with its first-ever Khmer-American standard in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
    Officially accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, by Prakas No. 1910. AYK PrK. Dated November 27, 2006, and No. 458. AYK PrK. Dated March 27, 2007.
    In addition, we provide extra-curricula such as life skills and additional skills like drawing, traditional dancing, music, poetry, home economics, physical education, and sports such as karate, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, swimming and, etc.
    • Provide computer courses with internet, library, plenty of research documents for all levels and fields.
    • Research laboratories and classrooms equipped with modern and comfortable equipment.
    • Provide extra classes on Saturday and Sunday
    • Teachers possess high working ethics with pedagogical professionalism and plenty of teaching experiences that are practical both inside and outside the classroom, through which students will be able to quickly understand and more innovative.
    • Provide health consulting and treatment services and educational consulting.
    • Have a safe and comfortable transportation service.
    • Provide study tour programs, workshops, and training courses.
    • There are many different competitions such as Annual Mengly J. Quach Outstanding Student Examination, Year-end Mengly J. Quach Scholarship Examination, Exhibition, Drawing Contest, Geographical Knowledge Competition, Essay writing, Mengly J. Quach Short Story and Poem Contest, Sport competition, and social activities, including charity events, fundraising programs, and many other events.
    • Promote students’ courage, leadership, teamwork, independence, diligence, healthiness, solidarity, communication, and experiences.
    • Encourage students to have sufficient general and practical knowledge as well as English.